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About me 

Hi, I'm Joe. A small scale production prototyper and furniture designer based in the North West of the Uk.


I am a graduate of the Three Dimensional Design Degree at Manchester School of Art. Before this, I attended and completed an Extended Diploma in Art and Design at Leeds Arts University. 

The work I produce is heavily inspired by geometric and industrial design. I strive to create functional products that range from small scale homewares to larger-scale furniture pieces. 

My design aesthetic and approach to design as a whole has been heavily influenced by Nordic/Scandinavian and Japanese design principles. My style has also been shaped by the materials I have access too.


As a student, I have a limited budget that can go towards material costs but I have never let this hinder my efforts. l love to push the expectations that materials can have and showcase the unique style potential that lower-cost industrial materials can possess.

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